Chasing ideas

February 24, 2009

How do writers and art directors capture the big idea?

The really big one has its own terms. It comes when it will.  Try too much in the pursuit, and the idea vanishes.

Often the best approach is to cast obliquely. Just start writing. Let the process of writing suck you in. Just keep writing. Then just keep writing some more.

The idea is attracted to the energy. The energy that writing creates is really alive and calls out to the idea.  The idea, still invisible, swims closer, fascinated.

Imperceptibly, the idea swims very close and leaps into existence onto and into the very words calling it. The words become the idea and the idea gives shape to the words.

Relax your furrowed brow. Start by starting.


2 Responses to “Chasing ideas”

  1. adchick Says:

    “Start by starting.” May I quote you? When writing, three words were never spoken more acutely. Very cool.

  2. andywebb Says:

    Sure thing. Thanks for reading.


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