Hey… babies!

April 1, 2009

etrade-babyIf you’re in the business of pre-stressed steel I-beams, maybe cute won’t work for you.

Or maybe it could… at least with my wife. She pays rapt attention to any TV commercial that breaks out the cute — particularly human-type babies and youngsters.

Some advertising simply goes for the emotional jugular. The old Welch’s Grape Juice spots come to mind. Others mix cute with adult language that, to me at least, is very entertaining and engaging and more effective than just face-value adorable. The E-Trade spots come to mind.

“Hit ‘ch up later, babe” the baby says to his girlfriend on the phone. Ha!

He “underestimated the creepiness” of a clown he hired. Ha!

Great entertainment that brings us to the implied point that buying stocks with E-Trade is so easy that… a baby could do it.

This kind of point, of course, is made all the time, and may be one of the archetypal creative foundations. The E-Trade spots go well beyond this familiar form for their fresh approach and under-played humor.

Hey, if anyone has any ideas for using babies or puppies for a prestressed steel I-beams client pitch, let me know. I think we could sell it.  My wife would watch.


2 Responses to “Hey… babies!”

  1. netzilla Says:

    This guy has posted some outtakes if you haven’t seen them.


    Pretty funny

  2. andywebb Says:

    Thanks, netzilla.

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