Keeping it real, even when it’s fantasy.

July 10, 2009

Point of view is so important to getting your message heard.

A TV commercial for an EA Sports’ Fight Night Round 4 video boxing game uses POV highly effectively. In the virtual ring: Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson. (Wow, ya got me good with that match-up.) Who WOULD win that fight? Would Ali dance and sting his way to victory? Or, would Tyson brutalize his opponent with relentless pile-driving blows?

The commercial’s format intersperses “interviews” of famous people like fighter Oscar De La Hoya and musician Wyclef Jean with very brief glimpses of the super-realistic game characters ready to rumble. However, the famous folks don’t talk at all about playing a video game, they instead talk as if the Ali-Tyson match is actual, here and now, and they are experiencing the fight for real. There’s no “would have,” or “if” language; it’s all present tense and experiential. That’s very smart. Because that’s the gamers’ mentality — with controller in hand, gamers live inside the fantasy and experience it is as real.

I don’t know the agency creatives who made the spot, but they clearly understood the audience for this game and did a fine job getting inside the head of the person who will buy it. And that’s the essence of effective advertising.


2 Responses to “Keeping it real, even when it’s fantasy.”

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