How I broke into advertising

June 22, 2010

It all started in Miss Gershkoff’s typing class at Scituate High School. Carl Rossi and I would dream up products and ad campaigns, including our most famous: Nagilas. Nagilas were corn snacks shaped like gila monsters, formulated from corn (and whatever additional ingredients go into incredibly tasty corn snacks), and marketed in homes across America with TV spots anchored by the irresistible jingle, “Have a Nagila, have two Nagilas, have three Nagilas, they taste like corn.”

Now, with every project I take on involving Marketing, Advertising, Public relations, Creative direction, Copywriting, Brand building or Brand strategy and planning… I look back and thank Miss Gershkoff for the really handy typing skills and sweet teaching style, and thank Carl for the genius two-man ad agency that operated solely between practice sessions on those funky manual typewriters at SHS.


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